At NIE University, we’re committed to make our world-class education affordable to all students regardless of their background. If you are passionate about pursuing a career in engineering, don’t let financial constraints deter you from following your dream.

We help every aspiring engineer obtain the best and most holistic engineering education at our colleges. We offer scholarships and support to deserving students and top performers in academics and extracurricular activities.

We also guide and assist deserving students in applying for and obtaining scholarships through other avenues such as government, corporate houses, universities, industry collaborations, alumni, memorial funds and endowments within NIE.

Understand your options, and see how we’re changing the world, one deserving student at a time.

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From endowments for academic achievements, sports-based scholarships, to assistance for low-income students – NIE University offers students support and aid to pursue higher education.

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At NIE, students can apply for scholarships across a range of criteria…merit-based, recognising academic or subject-specific achievements as well as a student’s prowess in sports or extracurricular activities. NIE provides grants help low-income students cover the cost of education and financial aid to those in need based on minority status and other qualifications.

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NIE IT rewards achievers, and offers financial assistance to those in need through financial aid, grants and endowments for academic achievements, means-based scholarships and assistance. The aid also helps gifted sportspeople to pursue academics without giving up on their sports-related ambitions.

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NIE FGC offers scholarships and endowments in various categories…from recognising exceptional students who demonstrate outstanding accomplishments and dedication in academia to income- and sports-based scholarships.

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